Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Luxury of the Simple Life

I miss. I miss waking up to the stillness of the morning. Where you hear nothing but birds chirping and the laughter of children already wide awake: driving their mothers cray getting them to eat breakfast. I miss. I miss getting out of bed and being served breakfast by my mama. Right now, I crave for our usual humble breakfast of bread and coffee like it is gourmet. Not that i'm a gourmet lover. But right now, it costs like gourmet for me...I can't afford it...

I miss. I miss being minutes away from the beach. Minutes of scenic and joyful rides away from a whole day of fun. Maybe I'll get use to a missing things a lot. How ironic, I'm here at the dream city for the young in the Philippines, where opportunities are left and right, and yet, I am yearning to go back to a place where progress is slow, change is unnoticeable, and the people's luxury may be nothing but a sunrise...

Back home, we can claim the sea was ours and believe that we can reach the sky. And though the world may have crashed our idealism, when I come home I still believe...

Sunrise. Breath-taking anywhere in the world.

I took these photos in Sto. Domingo Albay Philippines. Please see them, and not just look. As I share them with you, it is not only my photos that I give, but also a part of my heart called home.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And I took a moment to see the simple things

I remember spending summer afternoons in this porch experimenting with different mediums of Art. And those were the summers that felt right.

Simple they are. But simplicity never discounts beauty.

Flowers found anywhere, when we take a moment to appreciate them, real beauty is seen.


If there is one thing which fascinated bunso since she was a toddler, that's how bubbles are formed.

This is my "Bunso", my youngest sister. I went home for the holidays and there she was waiting by the gate to welcome me coming home. And at last I'm home.

Bunso has those wonderful innocent eyes.

I love how this first post is about HOME. No matter what dreams we chase, whoever we may be with...we always come home.